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A Purple Indian


Author's Note

The stories that follow are for entertainment and entertainment only. If the stories make you laugh, then I have achieved my purpose. Do not expect to find deep insights or to be enlightened by reading each and every word. Worse still, do not believe anything herein that purports to be true history. Even though at times there is a shred of historical fact, it is only there as a basis for whatever twisted tale I chose to write.

Most stories were written after I had created the painting. In other words, the paintings are so absurd that I had to write a story each time to justify what I have done. The paintings are absurd because I want them to be absurd. In the real world, which I sometimes feel is absurd, I cannot risk being absurd; but in my imaginary world I can be as absurd as I please. Therefore, in these stories you will find blue moose, blue bunnies, dancing deers, mesquite bunnies, unusual owls, famous bobcats, poetic cowboys, entrepreneurial individuals and lovable outlaws. You will not find them in the real world.

The one exception of writing a story because of a painting is my story of the Spider Rocks. Even though I painted the event from my imagination, it was after I had written the story. My story was written in response to a series of articles published in Treasure Magazine, some time ago, which told of three mysterious inscribed stones found in the Big Country area of West Texas.

The thesis of the articles in Treasure Magazine was that the Spider Rocks were maps indicating where Spanish treasure could be found in an area from around Snyder to Clyde and north to Roby and Aspermont. It looked like pure hoax to me because I could think of no logical reason why a Spaniard would come all this way to bury his treasure. Thus I created Don Juan Estufa de la Escoba y Tornillo and Buffalo Bull Caca to explain how this could have happened historically. Don't believe a word of it; but if it entertains, read it.

Sherrell L. Hazlewood
February 14, 2012
San Marcos, Texas

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